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Hush Hairloss - Wigs and hairpieces Aberdeenshire

We are thrilled to announce the first Fall 2016 collection to be launched today. Jon Renau has added 4 new synthetic wig styles and 2 wavy synthetic toppers to their collection.

The wavy toppers are a wonderful complement to innovation in women hair loss and style prosthetics and we are so excited to share it with you! The collection also has the first cap from Jon Renau that has a mono part with a lacefront.

Happy Autumn.
H Holland
Jon Renau Top Style 12"
The lovely Top Style 12" made from the finest quality human hair... Now at our studio to try on!
H Holland
We already have one of the largest variety of hairpiece toppers in store for customers to try on, but now the range is expanding even further.

We have Jon Renau's latest ranges in store including the very popular Top Style and Top Secret hairpiece toppers for women. We also have the the very very new Easicrown from Easihair which was launched 1 July and offers women hair loss coverage at the crown area.

We also have a full range of toppers from Ellen Wille, Estetica Designs and Gisela Mayer, to name a few Whether you want to enhance your fringe, cover hair loss or want to add volume, there will be options.

Whatever your hair topper or wig requirements we offer you the best chance to optimise your hair choice with a wide selection to try.
H Holland
It is Spring time and British summer time has started as well. It is wonderful to see the flowers bloom again!

Also, great news is that - on 1 April - Jon Renau will be launching their new Spring 2016 range. Five new innovative styles will be available, including two new toppers.

On a different note. Please note that our shop will be running an email-only service from 15 April to 30 April. During this 2 week period no orders will be processed.

Following the mini-hiatus, normal operations will resume again on 1 May.
H Holland
Some of the Raquel Welch pieces sell out really quickly. At the moment I am trying to keep up, but it may take 5 to 15 working days for pieces to arrive.

If you want to order one that is currently shown as "out of stock" please feel free to let me know your intension to buy one so I can add it to the order in the meantime and you can be assured of one when it arrives.

Importantly, please leave enough time for the piece to arrive before the special event.

In general, I would estimate a piece to take 5 to 10 working days to arrive, as many of the wigs and hairpieces will need to go through Customs as they are imported from either America or Germany.

For any item you want to get quicker, please contact us to check whether it can be expedited. I can check if this will be possible and we will do our best.

- H Holland
Jon Renau has just launched a new chocolate colour range. To see what which wigs are available in the new delicious colours, please visit my Video page. Here you'll see the wigs in the new colours.

Also available on my Video page is a new video that shows the wigs from the Jon Renau Fall wig collection. It is well worth a look. Just click on the Video button above.

I hope you find these videos as wonderful and exciting as I have!
- H Holland, Director
New stock arrived today! This fabulous human hair hairpiece is our top seller and trusted by those that wear them to keep their secret.

Hurry before your colour gets sold out again.
H Holland
Over the last couple of weeks some of the RW human hair topper colours have sold out unfortunately. I have ordered new stock, which is expected in the next week or so. This will return the stock to its full colour list.

Feel free to let me know if you would like to backorder any of the items when they arrive.
H Holland
The online shop will no longer be able to take returns.

You are still welcome to buy online as long as it is clear that this is the condition under which it is sold to you. If you are unsure of a colour option or hairpiece/wig choice, please dont buy online. Rather come and visit our shop in Bristol. There you can try the pieces and look at the colour options.

Also, we've found that people judge the hairpiece/wig straight out of the box. They make a decision to return without styling it or washing it. You absolutely have to make a hairpiece/wig your own by having it cut in professionally, washing and styling it yourself. It has been in a box for long, so needs a bit of You to make it special.

I will continue to have the widest range of toppers in the UK available at the studio that you can try on.
H Holland