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Hush Hairloss - Wigs and hairpieces Aberdeen

Hush Hairloss is a small personal business, born out of passion, determination and necessity.

As owner of the business I am personally involved in all aspects of my customers' needs. I am passionate about all the products I sell as I wear some of them myself. The products sold are easy to wear, comfortable products.

There is an online help service and colour match service. This can be purchased online.

I am proud of the elegant and natural looking wigs and hairpieces whether they are made from European human hair or a synthetic fibre. We do not sell cheap imitations.

Browse my website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us.

We are a registered company in England. Company number 08831305.


Why Hush Hairloss?

As I wear wigs and toppers myself I am conscious of only providing an honest opinion and also only providing the best quality products and the widest range of options to try.

Hush Hairloss is a passionate business without an IT department or a Sales and Marketing team. It is personal and private and aimed at you and your needs.

As a result of my own hair loss experience, I started to have an interest in wigs and hairpieces. When my mum had brain surgery to remove a tumour 15 years ago my informal interest became a necessity to master. Today, I still hold true to our core values of small and steady with quality rather than quantity the driver of the business.

I founded this company as I suffer from hair loss myself. My first hand experience means that the company's aim and focus are on providing hair enhancement that is natural looking, comfortable and flexible. Here you are offered real solutions and not miracle cures, potions and lotions.

My mum fully recovered and still proudly wears the products Hush Hairloss sells.