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Hush Hairloss - Wigs and hairpieces Aberdeenshire

During this year I've had the wonderful privilege to meet so many of you. Thank you for sharing a little piece of your life with me. I wish you all a very happy holiday season.

Like most of you, I've been enjoying the online and high-street specials. However, I have noticed something rather disturbing online: There seems to be a large surge in the number of suspicious online wig and hairpiece retailers. These retailers offer well-known name brand products at very low prices.

When you see this it should be the first warning sign. If you buy a pair of Levi's jeans at an out door market at a ridiculous price you might expect it to be a fake. The same applies to online retailers where a seemingly innocent bargain can result in you buying an imitation or even illegal product. You might also not be sure of what your money might be funding. Some of these sites may be linked to international syndicates and even funding crime or other illegal activities .

 Please check the company information. For example the company VAT registration number, or the company legal registration number. The company address and telephone number should also be clearly displayed on the website.

If it is not, then warning lights should flash.

Always remember to be sensible. If something looks too good to be true then maybe it is.
H Holland