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Hush Hairloss - Wigs and hairpieces Aberdeenshire

There is so much choice out there that it can be a tough job to buy online. While convenient you 're not always sure whether you will get what you pay for, or whether the retailer is reliable.

The one most important thing is to check that you can phone the retailer directly and whether they have a physical address in the UK that you can visit if you wanted.

I know some wig retailers use the.co.uk in their website address but are actually located in Asia. So check the contact page before buying.

Another great source of information is online reviews. Not having a review is not a bad thing. It may just be that no one had something to say about the retailer. No news can be good news. Some retailers would hire people to write reviews for them. So it isnt always a reliable tool. The important bit is to check that there isn't customers out there that are unhappy with the retailer.

Also check the brand and the material. For example, I sell Jon Renau and Estetica wigs and toppers. These are imported from America and have to adhere to stringent quality controls. They are the Louis Vuitton of wigs.  If there is a photo of a similar wig (or even the same photo) but no mention of the brand, then you are likely on your way to buying a fake. Just like you can buy an imitation Louis Vuitton at a car boot, there are retailers selling fake wigs.

So please buy safely and don't fall into the bargain trap.

- H Holland