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Hush Hairloss - Wigs and hairpieces Aberdeenshire

Hair loss is a personal experience and we all deal with it differently.

You may have lost your hair due to chemo. Or your hair loss may be as a result of a medical condition like alopecia, psosiaris or thyroid problems. Whatever the cause, there is a choice: hat, wig or natural. Or you might do all 3.

Here are just a few starting tips for selecting a hat, wig or hairpiece:

1. Looking better makes you feel better. There may be times that you do not have the strength or energy to make an effort. So have something pretty to hand, that makes you feel girlie and pretty but doesnt require a lot of phaffing. This may be something like a soft hat with a pretty flower brooch, or a bright pink softie hat. It might be a hat that has an embellishment sown on. Choose something, easy comfy but still pretty. 

2. If you are ill and feeling pale and grey, select a colour for the hat or scarf that will perk you up. A happy colour. A colour that reminds you of the sun flowers in summer, or the trip to Greece last year. Use it as an aid to help you feel better. Even bright polka dots can remind you of Mexico or the leopard spots might remind you of the funny naughty or adventurous side of who you are. 

3. It may be that you want to keep this all to yourself. It may be a part of your life that you are not yet ready to share. When you want this it is important to get a good quality wig or hairpiece. If you cannot afford the smartlace remy human hair, an alternative is to combine your new look with a hairstyle change. Highlights, a colour change, a shorter cut or even curls. Then it is all about the hairstyle change rather than the wig or topper. You wont suddenly appear with a fuller head of hair, rather a whole change in look. So people will think the new hairstyle just suits you better.

There are obvious things to consider like comfort, fit and quality. Ultimately you have to make the choice yours. Own your new look. Wear it with pride and conviction. 

-H Holland