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Hush Hairloss - Wigs and hairpieces Aberdeenshire

In the wig and topper world there are a load of shops and wigs to choose from. There are so many elements to consider like: style and colour, human hair or synthetic, lacefront or not.....

But not all wigs and hairpieces have been created equal. Some synthetic fibres don't last as long as others. They start frizzing and shining and look like they are made from plastic straw. Some human hair wigs look dry and brittle, like a used-up broom, after the first wash!

The life and vitality of a wig or hairpiece and how long it will lasts depend on the quality of product you buy as well as how well you care for the product.

Care is extremely important. This includes using the right wig shampoo and conditioner and the right brush. Not pulling and back-combing and treating it with tender loving care. When it comes to caring for your wig, you must not try and take short cuts.

Quality is also very important. Focus on a quality and authentic product and enjoy it for much longer. Companies like Jon Renau, Estetica Designs and Ellen Wille look at wigs scientifically and have customers in mind when they produce their products.

If you need any info about a product on our website please feel free to contact me. There is a Contact Us button on the left hand side at the top of this page.

​- H Holland