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Hush Hairloss - Wigs and hairpieces Aberdeenshire

I've had numerous calls from customers asking about colour options. I find these sometimes challenging as what I might say tastes like a pear may taste like a banana to you. So our senses are different and so are our tastes.

We offer a  VIP colour selection service at £20, which we will refund if you buy a wig or hairpiece from us. (This is non-refundable on returns.) 

Because this can be very time consuming with many people ultimately not buying from us, we can no longer help with ad-hoc requests.  If you would like to buy this elite service, please select it from the online shop. It has it's own category as well.

The colours on this site are the official colours from the manufacturers, but can vary depending on computer screens used.

- H Holland
Hair loss is a personal experience and we all deal with it differently.

You may have lost your hair due to chemo. Or your hair loss may be as a result of a medical condition like alopecia, psosiaris or thyroid problems. Whatever the cause, there is a choice: hat, wig or natural. Or you might do all 3.

Here are just a few starting tips for selecting a hat, wig or hairpiece:

1. Looking better makes you feel better. There may be times that you do not have the strength or energy to make an effort. So have something pretty to hand, that makes you feel girlie and pretty but doesnt require a lot of phaffing. This may be something like a soft hat with a pretty flower brooch, or a bright pink softie hat. It might be a hat that has an embellishment sown on. Choose something, easy comfy but still pretty. 

2. If you are ill and feeling pale and grey, select a colour for the hat or scarf that will perk you up. A happy colour. A colour that reminds you of the sun flowers in summer, or the trip to Greece last year. Use it as an aid to help you feel better. Even bright polka dots can remind you of Mexico or the leopard spots might remind you of the funny naughty or adventurous side of who you are. 

3. It may be that you want to keep this all to yourself. It may be a part of your life that you are not yet ready to share. When you want this it is important to get a good quality wig or hairpiece. If you cannot afford the smartlace remy human hair, an alternative is to combine your new look with a hairstyle change. Highlights, a colour change, a shorter cut or even curls. Then it is all about the hairstyle change rather than the wig or topper. You wont suddenly appear with a fuller head of hair, rather a whole change in look. So people will think the new hairstyle just suits you better.

There are obvious things to consider like comfort, fit and quality. Ultimately you have to make the choice yours. Own your new look. Wear it with pride and conviction. 

-H Holland
There is so much choice out there that it can be a tough job to buy online. While convenient you 're not always sure whether you will get what you pay for, or whether the retailer is reliable.

The one most important thing is to check that you can phone the retailer directly and whether they have a physical address in the UK that you can visit if you wanted.

I know some wig retailers use the.co.uk in their website address but are actually located in Asia. So check the contact page before buying.

Another great source of information is online reviews. Not having a review is not a bad thing. It may just be that no one had something to say about the retailer. No news can be good news. Some retailers would hire people to write reviews for them. So it isnt always a reliable tool. The important bit is to check that there isn't customers out there that are unhappy with the retailer.

Also check the brand and the material. For example, I sell Jon Renau and Estetica wigs and toppers. These are imported from America and have to adhere to stringent quality controls. They are the Louis Vuitton of wigs.  If there is a photo of a similar wig (or even the same photo) but no mention of the brand, then you are likely on your way to buying a fake. Just like you can buy an imitation Louis Vuitton at a car boot, there are retailers selling fake wigs.

So please buy safely and don't fall into the bargain trap.

- H Holland
It's Saturday night and you 're watching the tele. An ad break comes up and it's the advert with a celebrity or stunning model shaking their head and showing off the lush full colour and body of their hair. In this world a guy with more muscle that you can dream of comes in and kisses her.

You wonder what shampoo or product she's using to make her hair look like that. You buy the product and forget why you bought it because really nothing has changed after months of use....

This disappointment and hope for salvation from my hair problems have played it out so many times in my life.

Until I started wearing toppers and wigs. Until Ive seen the transformations in my clients' lives. Some wear the wig straight out the box and out the door, not wanting to take it of. This is life changing stuff. Real life changing. The way to get to the model hair is not in a bottle. It is far eaiser and quicker.

And no one else needs to know your little secret. They just see a fab new fuller you.

Our hair can grow by about 1.5 cms  every month, but it is normal to loose about 100 hairs a day. 

 Hair growth happens in cycles. There are 3 cycles: anagen, catagen, and telogen.
Anagen is when the hair grows, i.e. the growth stage.  This is the  longest stage and about 90% of your hair will be in this state which lasts up to 6 years.

Catagen is the second stage and is also the transition stage. During this period, which lasts up to 3 weeks, the hair follicle will shrink.

This is then followed by the final stage, the Telogen stage, that is the resting stage. This is when hair starts to fall out as the new hair follicle pushes out the old one and moves back into the Anagen stage. The Telogen stage takes about 3 months.

When you experience an extreme stress  (like a bereavement, work change, divorce or illness)  your body can push your hair into the Telogen stage prematurely. This then results in noticeable hair loss. This condition is called Telogen Effluvium.

Also see my blog below about thyroid and hair loss.

Technology and innovation has come a long way since I started my business. So too has people’s willingness to discuss hair loss and thinning hair. 

There is a range of options and styles available and there are a host of coverage solutions.

The most common concern for individuals is whether the wig or hairpiece will be noticeable. It is not that we feel ashamed of wearing a cosmetic device, it is because we like to have an image of perfection and we don’t like advertising our differences and shortcomings. This is a part we prefer, in most cases, to keep private.

So finding the right hairpiece or wig is vital. In store there are options of hair type, synthetic, heat defiant synthetic, European human hair, remy human hair or other hair types.

Hairpieces are great and if you buy a good quality hairpiece it will work like a charm without ever revealing your secret. It does not need to be a human hair hairpiece, it can be synthetic. Synthetic options will have a much wider choice of hair colour and will be less temperamental than the human hair one. The best is that it is also more affordable. The human hair one, in my experience, is much like your own hair. It will have good and bad days. That said, I mostly wear a human hair hairpiece as I kinda like the temperament of my own little prosthetic. I have a synthetic one too, but I use it mainly as a back-up - for those temperamental days :-)

With all things it will need to fit in with your preferences and priorities. Wigs are a bit easier as you can essentially chose any colour you desire without worrying about matching your existing colour. However, most people tend to stick to their natural colour at first and eventually venture into a world of highlights and lowlights and differing shapes and styles. 

In everything my philosophy is to buy quality. Please don’t buy a cheap alternative unless you just want the occasional party wig. Cheap wigs and hairpieces look cheap and will fool no one. In addition, you do not want an itchy sweaty mess on your head. This will just lead to a box in the wardrobe reminding you of a bad wig experience. 

There are a lot of options in terms of fixing and securing the wig or hairpiece. You will rarely need to glue a wig to your head. In almost all cases, the wig can be securely fastened by adjusting the straps or using clips or toupee tape. You do not need to fix it with strong adhesives. You just want it to stay in place. 

The same with hairpieces for women. Most women will have enough remaining hair to attach the system to. This is what is also done when you chose to have a system made for you bespokely. They will either use silver clips to clamp to your own hair, a mesh to weave your hair through or will glue the system to your scalp. In all cases they will tell you that you will need to come back every 6 weeks to realign and style. 

Please do not be fooled by this. You need not do this. 

If you use any of these methods you will not be able to remove the system yourself and will have to wash your hair selectively. It will also, most likely, be painful to wear, dry and sleep in. Not to mention when it is fitted it is pulled tight and when it is removed the removal process can be very painful.

You need not have something made bespokely to fit you well. You can have something natural looking that is possible to remove without calling a professional team and paying them by the hour. 

And just because this system is fixed with a weave or glue or steel clips does not mean it will stay in place. It will move every day and may move in such a way that every one can see it is a hairpiece or wig. You then have to wait to get it fixed as most of the time there won’t be some one to help readjust it immediately. This has been my own experience.

We offer a bespoke hair service but it is entirely removable and flexible. It is also not necessary to buy a bespoke system. In 99% of cases you can buy an off the shelf one that will do the trick.

If you have enough hair to use steel clips or a weave you have enough hair to use snap clips to fix the hair system. Please speak to us for more information and before you commit to a 6 weekly costly refit.

We only give honest open feedback and do not charge you for the appointment service. It is completely free with no obligation. This is also offered online via email chats. So feel free to send photos and ask questions by emailing info@easywigs.co.uk. 
There are many reasons for hair loss in women. Hormones, medicine, genes, age and the chemicals in our food  are common culprits. Hair loss can also be experienced after childbirth and can be   associated with menopause. 
The focus today is on hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism and the link to hair loss in women. The hair loss gradually happens and eventually affects the entire scalp. In many cases hair loss will occur uniformly across the scalp. Once the thyroid condition is treated hair regrowth can happen but it may take several months and may never return to its original  lushness. 
Due to the long hair cycle the hair loss may not be immediately apparent and as a result the thyroid medicine is often blamed. Prematurely stopping the medicine may lead to more hair loss, especially if it hasn't been confirmed that the medicine is to blame.
However, some thyroid medicines can cause hair loss and the interaction of 1 or more of these drugs could worsen it. It is likely that the thyroid medicine may not be the cause of the thinning hair. It is best to do research and monitor your reaction to the medicine. Most people find that keeping a medicine diary can help with monitoring adverse reactions. Having a thorough and honest discussion with your GP or endocrinologist is the best option, especially after you have done your own research to fully understand all the dimensions of your treatment.
It is possible that the thyroid related condition may be an autoimmune thyroid disease. In this case it is more likely that you will also have Alopecia areata (another autoimmune condition). If you have Alopecia Areata  hair loss may be more patchy, often circular and can cause significant baldness. Other autoimmune conditions (e.g. lupus erythematosus) and Polycystic ovarian syndrome can also cause hair loss.

British Thyroid Foundation website:  http://www.btf-thyroid.org 
Great news for all our Hush Hairloss fans, we have a new website. You can now read up on our latest news, see what previous customers have had to say and contact us with just the click of a button.