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Hush Hairloss - Wigs and hairpieces Aberdeenshire

It's Saturday night and you 're watching the tele. An ad break comes up and it's the advert with a celebrity or stunning model shaking their head and showing off the lush full colour and body of their hair. In this world a guy with more muscle that you can dream of comes in and kisses her.

You wonder what shampoo or product she's using to make her hair look like that. You buy the product and forget why you bought it because really nothing has changed after months of use....

This disappointment and hope for salvation from my hair problems have played it out so many times in my life.

Until I started wearing toppers and wigs. Until Ive seen the transformations in my clients' lives. Some wear the wig straight out the box and out the door, not wanting to take it of. This is life changing stuff. Real life changing. The way to get to the model hair is not in a bottle. It is far eaiser and quicker.

And no one else needs to know your little secret. They just see a fab new fuller you.