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Hush Hairloss - Wigs and hairpieces Aberdeenshire

Personalising a wig or topper is something that can make all the difference.

Every person has a unique head shape and hair style. Plus people have different tastes. To the casual observer there isn't a real difference in heads and hair. However, when working in the shop where people try on hair pieces one starts to see a vast array of shapes, styles, textures and hair loss patterns.

The wig brands I sell in store are accutely aware of this and try to cater for every one. They spend lots of time and energy into scientifically developing comfy and natural looking pieces. However, even the best techonological advance may look a bit akward straight out of the box.

That said, there are many many times the hairpiece or wig looks absolutely gorgeous straight out the box. However, there are many instances where it arrives and it doesnt look like the photo, or "doesnt look like me".

It is therefore vitally important that you have a wig and - even moreso - a topper cut-in. The cut-in process is aimed at shaping and styling the wig or topper to your needs. For example, Sue bought a short hair topper and when it arrived it has longer than her own hair and had a few curly bits at the ends. Putting this on Sue was mortified but determined. She arranged a hair appointment and arrived with the topper in her handbag. Taking off her hat she explained what she wanted and placed the topper on her head. Being human hair, Sue washed and dried the topper beforehand. The stylist quickly trimmed, shaped and styled the piece to perfectly blend with Sue's hair.

Sue's story is not unique, but unfortunately too many ladies give up on a wig or hairpiece too soon...or too late (a blog for another time).

- H Holland