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Hush Hairloss - Wigs and hairpieces Aberdeenshire

Unfortunately 2018 has been a personally difficult year as my dad passed away. As such, I have switched off a lot of activity and focused a bit more on support to my parents. During this time we also moved to Scotland.

I am pleased to say that we have now finally re-opened and will be taking new appointments. Please phone or get in touch for an Appointment or a Quote.

We are back and happy to help.

- H Holland, Director
Choosing a topper needs patience and willingness. While there are occasions where toppers come out of the box fitting perfectly, many toppers must be styled in with your own hair. They need you to imagine the possibility to enable it to be successful as you will be the one that makes it happen.

- H Holland
Personalising a wig or topper is something that can make all the difference.

Every person has a unique head shape and hair style. Plus people have different tastes. To the casual observer there isn't a real difference in heads and hair. However, when working in the shop where people try on hair pieces one starts to see a vast array of shapes, styles, textures and hair loss patterns.

The wig brands I sell in store are accutely aware of this and try to cater for every one. They spend lots of time and energy into scientifically developing comfy and natural looking pieces. However, even the best techonological advance may look a bit akward straight out of the box.

That said, there are many many times the hairpiece or wig looks absolutely gorgeous straight out the box. However, there are many instances where it arrives and it doesnt look like the photo, or "doesnt look like me".

It is therefore vitally important that you have a wig and - even moreso - a topper cut-in. The cut-in process is aimed at shaping and styling the wig or topper to your needs. For example, Sue bought a short hair topper and when it arrived it has longer than her own hair and had a few curly bits at the ends. Putting this on Sue was mortified but determined. She arranged a hair appointment and arrived with the topper in her handbag. Taking off her hat she explained what she wanted and placed the topper on her head. Being human hair, Sue washed and dried the topper beforehand. The stylist quickly trimmed, shaped and styled the piece to perfectly blend with Sue's hair.

Sue's story is not unique, but unfortunately too many ladies give up on a wig or hairpiece too soon...or too late (a blog for another time).

- H Holland
"Will it stay on?"

This is a question I am often asked about hairpiece toppers and wigs. I have not had a bad experience with my own hairpiece or wigs, even in the worst windy weather.

However, this is where size and attachment makes all the difference for a wig. If your wig is too big for you then you will - in general - experience a lot of issues with keeping the wig in the right spot. At the same time, if the wig is too tight you might feel a lot of pressure around your head and may even experience headaches. You can use the adjustment straps at the base of the wig to adjust the size. If this does not solve the issue, then consider either a Large, Small/Petite or even a Children's size.

You can also attach the wig to your own hair using snap clips, or otherwise use wig tape or glue. I prefer investing in the right cap. A cap can have built-in defences against slippage. Non-slip strips can be at the front of the wig, or - for wigs that cater for full hair loss - can have strategically placed strips to provide protection against slippage. These are built into the cap so do not need any glue or wig tape. However, if you want to use wig tape, you can still do that too.

Also use the hair you have. A very short cut can help provide extra grip for the wig, if needed. From my personal experience I have found that really short hair provides better grip than long hair. And I also prefer not to wear a wig cap, as they tend to either give me a headache or slip off. This is my personal experience though, and you maye find others that cannot wear a wig without a cap.

Hairpiece toppers are less concerned with size, but make sure you have enough "grippage" space. That is, where the clips are attached to the base, do you have enough hair for a snap clip to provide a secure grip? Or do you need the extra security of wig tape? The base size should be part of your decision making process.

All the best!

- H Holland
In the wig and topper world there are a load of shops and wigs to choose from. There are so many elements to consider like: style and colour, human hair or synthetic, lacefront or not.....

But not all wigs and hairpieces have been created equal. Some synthetic fibres don't last as long as others. They start frizzing and shining and look like they are made from plastic straw. Some human hair wigs look dry and brittle, like a used-up broom, after the first wash!

The life and vitality of a wig or hairpiece and how long it will lasts depend on the quality of product you buy as well as how well you care for the product.

Care is extremely important. This includes using the right wig shampoo and conditioner and the right brush. Not pulling and back-combing and treating it with tender loving care. When it comes to caring for your wig, you must not try and take short cuts.

Quality is also very important. Focus on a quality and authentic product and enjoy it for much longer. Companies like Jon Renau, Estetica Designs and Ellen Wille look at wigs scientifically and have customers in mind when they produce their products.

If you need any info about a product on our website please feel free to contact me. There is a Contact Us button on the left hand side at the top of this page.

​- H Holland
A happy Christmas to every one!

Tonight I want to share with you the amazing photos of a lady that has kindly modelled four different wigs. This illustrates the wonderful transformation that can happen when you wear a wig. The best thing is that it need not be the most expensive wig.

There is one wig that I don't particularly like myself, but every time - without fail - that I wear it, my husband compliments me. It is one of my older synthetic wigs that has nothing fancy or note-worthy, he just likes it and the way it makes me look.

I am lucky that I have a business and a husband that supports me through my hair loss experience. It isn't always easy, but most of the time I feel more free than I ever did when I was trying to hide my bold patches.

Here is the promised photo, and please remember to get in touch with your stories. Even if you'd just like to anonymously contribute to my blog and motivate some one else in the Hush Hairloss Community.

​- H Holland
It is cold, very windy and damp here in Bristol at the moment.

I am happy to say that I have been confidently walking around in the wind and rain with my wig. It sits snuggly on my head and there is no risk of it blowing off and exposing my hair loss. Of course I have quite a few wigs and hairpieces and I havent had an incident with any of them. Unfortunately you won't escape the fact that - like every one else - you will need to pull your hand through the hair or a little brush just to get everything neat and tidy and ready for the next activity.

I also love the comfort that, if I get my hair wet, I can just take the wet wig off, and replace it with a dry one while my own head has stayed perfectly dry. One of the many reasons why one is not enough...

My head and feet are normally the first things to get cold, so another positive in winter is that - while others normally take their beanies or hats off indoors - I can keep my head nice and warm as my wig ain't going nowhere!

I wish you all a very blessed and beautiful Christmas season.

- H Holland
Hundreds of new moms are losing their hair without knowing the cause or whether the hair will return.

Unfortunately few know that it is a perfectly normal part of  the postpartum phase of having a child. Once estrogen levels  (and life in general) begin to settle down again, the hair should return. Generally the hair loss will last 6-12 months and the severity of the hair loss will differ from person to person.

Your body will need to restore itself to a pre-pregnancy state. There are no quick fix  potions, lotions or vitamins.  You'll need to be patient.

You can try to add a little thickness, volume or coverage by adding a topper, volumiser or fringe.  These work!

The big thing is that you're not alone, and that in all likelihood the hair loss is only temporary. So please remain optimistic.

- H Holland
Sorry if I'm going to sound bemoaning....

Personally I believe you’d be better off keeping your money in your pocket. Also spend your time better by doing something more fun than this.

At the moment, regrettably, there is no magic cure for hair loss.  Like there is no magic cure for weight loss. We all want it so badly, so get sucked into the hope that these treatments give us. I am covering these here, as it is good to have the information, but I am not a believer in any of these.

Many of these treatments have side-effects and may be painful or bad for your health. They are also only effective while you’re using the potion, lotion or whatever else. They take a long time before any (if any) improvement is seen. So many require a life-time commitment (or until a better solution is found). Similarly, it works for a few but not for all, so it greatly depends on your specific circumstances and diagnosis.

So if you’re still keen to try these and think you may be the one on which these treatments may just work, please first discuss it with your GP.

Finastrade –This should only be used by men as it prevents the conversion of one hormone into another hormone (testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT)). This comes in tablet form and is taken daily as prescribed by a medical practitioner. It is currently only available on private prescriptions. If you’re a women, please don’t use this as you will be messing with your hormones which may have long-term implications.

Minoxidil –This can be used by men and women but different strengths and mixes apply depending on whether a female or male is using the lotion. The lotion is rubbed on the scalp at least once a day, and can be bought off the shelf. Thus no prescription is required. I have tried this before myself but have been one of the unlucky ones to not even see any improvement.

Corticosteroids – These can either be injected into or rubbed onto the affected area.  It suppresses the immune system as it is believed that the immune system is causing the hair loss in the affected area. However, there are side effects, which may include the skin in the area thinning. The injections are also painful and cannot be applied to a large area at any one time. The hair regrowth also only happens while the treatment is ongoing, and because it has side effects it may not be a good long-term solution for hair loss.

Immunotherapy – This is where diphencyprone (DPCP) is applied weekly to the affected area.  Alternatively dithranol cream can be applied regularly. Normally the treated area develops varying degrees of eczema or skin irritations and some may have a severe allergic reaction. 

Ultraviolet light treatment – Personally this is my most disliked treatment, as it may increase your risk of developing skin cancer. Being a survivor of a melanoma myself, I am not fond of anything that effectively makes your skin vulnerable to cancer. So I will not even consider discussing it here.

Cloning – The science is still being developed. Cloned hair cells are injected in the affected areas with the hope of taking root. This is similar to hair transplants, but will be more for people where they do not have enough hair to make a transplant possible.

Source: NHS website
There are a number of famous people recently that seem to have grown bushy hair over night. These include Sir Ranulph Fiennes, Brendan Fraser, Matthew McConnaughey and Jeremy Piven, to name a few.

So why are we still so afraid to go outside with a fuller head of hair? It would be more acceptable to suddenly wear a crayfish on your head than a toupee. It may be the misconception that it shows weakness or vanity. Or it could be the misconception that no one notices the receding hairline.

I can assure you that no one really cares what you've got on your head as long as you don't end up looking better than them :-)

It is sometimes really difficult to comprehend why we would deny ouselves  a coverage solution if it something we need. Indeed I wonder why we would rather try powders and paint to cover it than a proper hairpiece? And then we would spend hundreds of pounds on the miracle powders, pills and potions we drink or rub on our scalps to make the hair come back. Several months after trying it we switch to the latest craze hoping it will work better than the previous hocus pocus. I sometimes cannot help myself either. Smile. Probaly because we're eternal optimists.

The only pity is that in most cases people wait too long to find help. By the time they buy the hairpiece, the improvement will likely be noticeable. So the best advice I can give you is not to wait too long and not be worried about what others think. Ultimately it needs to be about you. It is really none of any one else's business anyway.

The other piece of advice: Don't paint or flake it, and please stop buying the magic shampoo that allegedly sells heaps in Germany or Panama or in the Alps, but that has no credible scientific evidence of actually working.

No bravery required. Technology is there. And it is there because others have taken the step. There is nothing wrong with wearing a hairpiece or wig. There is nothing wrong with looking great and adding back wow! to your style.

It just needs you to make it look fab.

- H Holland